Pitchgovtech 2019

What is Pitchgovtech

PitchGovTech is Europe’s leading GovTech pitch competition, bringing together some of the leading GovTech startups transforming public services. Selected finalists will be given the chance to pitch at the GovTech Summit in front of hundreds of people and a judging panel of leading investors, entrepreneurs and public sector figures.

How to enter

We’ll be opening applications for PitchGovTech closer to the event. To register your interest in applying, please get in touch. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

Pitchgovtech 2018

The Winners

Congratulations to Aid:Tech, winners of the 2018 PitchGovTech winners, . Aid:Tech creates greater transparency in aid and funding processes by build products using blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower people to manage their own data securely and privately.

The Runners up

TikkTalk and Unblur were runners-up in the PitchGovTech 2018 competition.

TikkTalk is a platform for booking government-certified interpreters, faster and more transparently than ever before. Unblur provides an intelligent dashboard for emergency services and first responders.

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